Please note these are emergency contact details. To contact the Maintenance Office during office hours please contact 0141 440 0566. To contact the head office call 0141 440 2244.

Emergency Contact Details


For Emergency Repairs Only

- Telephone 0141 552 8647


For Central Heating, Hot Water or Radiator Repairs

- Telephone 0800 389 9463


Gas Escapes Tel: 0800 111 999


Scottish Charity No.SC032823

Property Factor Registered No PF000197


We operate an emergency service outwith normal working hours.   Emergencies include:

  • No heating during winter months
  • Burst pipes/water tanks and severe water leakage likely to cause serious damage
  • Blocked WC or drains
  • No electricity
  • Break-in (e.g. insecure door or broken window) - Please note a police incident (crime reference) number must be given before a contractor will respond to the emergency
  • Dangerous structures (e.g. loose tiles, chimneys)
  • Fires requiring Fire Brigade and Police

Contact this service by telephoning 0141 552 8647

Please remember, you should only use this service in an emergency.   If you make any unreasonable use of this service you will have to pay for the call out and repair.

This section contains advice on what to do in an emergency along with useful advice on how to prevent problems happening in the first place.


If you find you have no electricity first check with your neighbours.   If they have no power, contact Scottish Power on 0846 2727999.   If it is only your flat which has no power, call us.


To help prevent burst pipes, keep your home warm in the winter.  If you are away for a few weeks - in hospital or visiting friends, for example, leave your key with a friend or ask us to drain down the system.

If you have a burst pipe:

  • Turn the water off
  • Turn on all the taps (to drain the system)
  • Turn off the electricity if water comes into contact with electrical fittings
  • Call us


  • Do not strike a match or smoke cigarettes
  • Switch off any gas appliances
  • Do not touch electrical switches (whether switching on or off)
  • Open windows
  • Call Transco on 0800 111 999


All power corrupts, but we need electricity

Haythum R Khalid